Furniture Maintenance furniture maintenance knowledge Daquan

Furniture maintenance knowledge one: Dust

        Often with a soft cotton cloth along the direction of the wood grain of dust the furniture surface. Prior to dust, you should on a soft cloth dipped in cleaner, be careful not to wiping with a dry cloth, so as not to scratch. Periodically, wrung the water with a wet cotton yarn to dust at the thin wooden furniture nook Kaijing, wooden furniture Quintana then wipe it again, and then dry with a clean soft muslin then wipe dry. Can also be coated with a thin layer of high quality wipe dry after a light wax, do not care a wooden furniture, but also increased its light.


Furniture maintenance knowledge two: Clean

        In order to remove contaminants and traces of soot like furniture surface, it is recommended to use a dedicated furniture cleaners, which can also help remove the excess wax.


Furniture maintenance knowledge III: waxing

        Apply a small amount on a rag to wipe varnish on the furniture to a quick light very fast, but later often need to dust the furniture twice. Oil will attract dirt, dust and not resist. So once because after a greased furniture becomes beautiful shine, it will soon become covered with dust. And a lot of dust will combine with the oil together, resulting in extreme furniture becomes difficult to clean, but it is prone to scratches. Liquid wax to some extent better than rubbing varnish, a protective layer which can be produced in the wood surface, so that dust slide rather than stick, but the guard time is not as durable sand wax.


Furniture maintenance knowledge Four: repair small scratches

        For veneer furniture and solid wood furniture, repairing them is very simple: Just buy at your local store with a wax strip, try to choose the color that best matches your wood color. As long as the colors painted scratch at your work is done. Wax will help you protect your furniture from a variety of attack, its color can also hide scratches. Then this part of the region of the furniture wax and then on again to ensure that the wax has been covering the scratches, no painted on bare wood.


Furniture maintenance knowledge five: water marks treatment

        Water marks usually over a period of time to disappear. If after a month it is still visible, painted with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise clean soft cloth to wipe the water marks, along the grain direction. Cover with a damp cloth or printed on the mark, and then carefully pressed several times with a damp cloth irons, printed marks to fade.