Placement of the sofa chaise sofa chaise longue chairs _ pla

Sofa chaise longue in place is an issue of common concern to us all, in the minds of many consumers, sofa chaise longue products are very quality, tasteful furniture type, but since this furniture products on display and match it is stumped a lot of people, and then, in the following content, the small part I speak to you on the detailed placement of the sofa and chaise longue put skills If you are interested, then Xiaobian I together look at it!

  Monroe style of this noble, elegant sofa chaise longue has a very elegant, lovely gentle temperament, put it away type of flower design, very consistent attitude of women's soft, delicate curve design, perfect fit for human lines, allowing users to feel more comfortable and warm. The Korean-style chaise longue on the graph has an unusual furniture temperament, during which we placed the sofa chaise longue should pay attention to the furniture of the match, we can choose a chic style curtains or carpets, the it is such a gentle, graceful temperament better reflected.

  American-style sofa chaise longue is more difficult for everyone placed a problem with the furniture, in everyday life, we often use a variety of American-style furniture, but as we figure this chaise chair is not common, so for this sofa chaise longue in place I want to particularly pay attention to choose its location, American style chaise longue so we can put it in the den or bedroom, like most of our leisure home sites can be used as a sofa chaise longue its placement and space.

  Generally the cost of American-style chaise longue are factory expensive sofa chaise longue Take this product on our chart for instance, it is now the price is 7464.00 yuan, be all chaise longue one of the more expensive products so, in the place and match if not good, not only affects the overall appearance of the space, but also pulled down the overall quality of this Royal one, this American-style sofa chaise longue placed should comply with what the rules? That is the style must be unified, with the same time, American-style coffee table or decoration cabinet in the next, so the effect should be very good!